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Arbelave Library Buckram Siltex - Paper-lined Moiré Taffetta Aura Metallic Buckram
Arbelave Library Buckram
Our Price: £8.99 (£10.79 inc VAT)

Siltex Moiré Taffetta
Our Price: £6.48 (£7.78 inc VAT)

Aura Metallic Buckram
Our Price: £8.99 (£10.79 inc VAT)

A durable, wipeable and scuff resistant premium quality buckram a satin taffeta cloth with a traditional moiré design. A a contemporary and sophisticated metallic premium quality buckram
Chamois Matt Buckram Felt (adhesive backed) Archival Buckram
Chamois Matt Buckram
Our Price: £8.99 (£10.79 inc VAT)
Felt (adhesive backed)
Our Price: £10.68 (£12.82 inc VAT)

Archival Buckram
Our Price: £10.65 (£12.78 inc VAT)

An attractive matt, wipeable design orientated buckram Our Felt is ideal for lining boxes and slipcases A dyed double-warp 100% hardwearing buckram cloth
Arbetex Leather Cloth Edinburgh Bookcloth Balmoral Bookcloth
Arbetex Leather Cloth
Our Price: £9.86 (£11.83 inc VAT)

Edinburgh Bookcloth
Our Price: £5.67 (£6.80 inc VAT)

Balmoral Bookcloth
Our Price: £258.00 (£309.60 inc VAT)
This strong, cotton based Leather Cloth is nitrocellulose coated, resulting in a hardwearing wipeable surface A traditional white-back bookcloth, with a textile finish A dyed through cloth that has a finely woven base cloth
Legal Buckram Commissioner Canvas
Legal Buckram
Our Price: £12.46 (£14.95 inc VAT)
Commissioner Canvas
Our Price: £5.44 (£6.53 inc VAT)

A 100% buckram cloth, specifically produced for the binding of legal works of reference A very attractive 2-tone cloth which is very hard wearing