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Brass-Edged Traditional Backing Boards Custom Made Equipment Cutting/Laying Press
Cutting/Laying Press
Our Price: £170.00 (204.00 inc VAT)

Solid Beech If you have a requirement for a special piece of wooden equipment Hand crafted solid beech
Finishing Press - No.5 Finishing Press, No.6 Plough
Finishing Press, No.6
Our Price: £158.10 (189.72 inc VAT)
Our Price: £115.60 (138.72 inc VAT)

Hand crafted solid beech No.5 Finishing Press Hand crafted solid beech No.6 Finishing Press Designed for use with our cutting/laying press
Spare Plough Blade Traditional Backing Boards Traditional Sewing Frame
Spare Plough Blade
Our Price: £27.00 (32.40 inc VAT)
For use with our plough Solid Beech Hand crafted Traditional Style Sewing Frame
Tub for Cutting/Laying Press Wooden Gilding/Laying Press
Tub for Cutting/Laying Press
Our Price: £171.20 (205.44 inc VAT)
Wooden Gilding/Laying Press
Our Price: £200.00 (240.00 inc VAT)
Solid pine Used - 2nd Hand