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Dyed Linen Thread Linen Sewing Thread - 250g cops Linen Sewing Thread - 50g skeins
Dyed Linen Thread
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Lovely dyed linen threads for exposed sewing 100% pure linen - coated in beeswax 100% pure linen - coated in beeswax
Linen Sewing Thread - 50g spools Terko Polyester/Cotton Sewing Thread - cops
natural - off-white - 100% pure linen Manufactured from polyester/cotton corespun yarns
Useful Information - To work out the length of a given weight of Linen thread, take the Lea size/cord x 600 = m/kg
e.g. 25/3 x 600/4 = 1250m per 250g cop, or
e.g. 25/3 x 600/20 = 250m per 50g skein/spool

One lea is the size of a yarn spun to 300 yards from 1 pound of linen flax. A 10-lea linen would have 3,000 yards per pound etc.