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Cranked-Vine Scissors Bookbinding Shears Budget Spokeshave
6" Cranked-Vine Scissors
Our Price: £26.98 (32.38 inc VAT)
Budget Spokeshave
Our Price: £10.80 (12.96 inc VAT)

Ideal for getting in to those awkward corners when making boxes High quality Sheffield-made, flat-tipped tailor's shears Low cost, inexpensive cast iron Spokeshave
Clicker Handles and Blades Clip-Point Knife Cutting Mat
The Clicker Knife handle can hold either straight or curved blades Carbon Steel knife, with 11cm (4.5") blade These Green cutting mats are double-sided, with a grid on one side to line up the material to be cut
English Paring Knife French Paring Knife French Paring Knife - Beech Handle
French Style Paring Knife - Beech Handle
Our Price: £10.80 (12.96 inc VAT)

This traditional Steel Paring Knife is available in either left or right handed versions Genuine French Paring Knives are available in two designs A 'French' Style paring knife with carbon steel blade and beech Handle
Gold Leaf Knife Lifting Knife Retractaway No.3 Scalpel Handle
Gold Leaf Knife
Our Price: £20.00 (24.00 inc VAT)

Wooden Handle - chrome plated blade Ideal for getting into those awkward places and for lifting cloth, leather and paper from boards, etc The Retractaway is a versatile metal cutting tool produced with designers, graphic artists and model makers in mind
Scharf-Fix Paring Machine and Spare Blades Scissors Spare Paring Machine Blades
Spare Paring Machine Blades
Our Price: £3.15 (3.78 inc VAT)

a simple and easy to use device High quality Stainless Steel Scissors For the Brockman, P&S and Scharf-Fix Paring Machine.
Stanley Spokeshave & Spare Blade Surgical Scalpel Handle & Blades
No.151 Cast Iron Spokeshave High quality Sheffield carbon steel handles and blades, recommended for graphic and craft use