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Bookbinding Shears Budget Spokeshave Clicker Handles and Blades
Budget Spokeshave
Our Price: £10.80 (12.96 inc VAT)

High quality Sheffield-made, flat-tipped tailor's shears Low cost, inexpensive cast iron Spokeshave The Clicker Knife handle can hold either straight or curved blades
Clip-Point Knife Cutting Mat English Paring Knife
Carbon Steel knife, with 11cm (4.5") blade These Green cutting mats are double-sided, with a grid on one side to line up the material to be cut This traditional Steel Paring Knife is available in either left or right handed versions
French Paring Knife French Paring Knife - Beech Handle Gold Leaf Knife
French Style Paring Knife - Beech Handle
Our Price: £10.80 (12.96 inc VAT)

Gold Leaf Knife
Our Price: £20.00 (24.00 inc VAT)

Genuine French Paring Knives are available in two designs A 'French' Style paring knife with carbon steel blade and beech Handle Wooden Handle - chrome plated blade
Lifting Knife Retractaway No.3 Scalpel Handle Scharf-Fix Paring Machine and Spare Blades
Ideal for getting into those awkward places and for lifting cloth, leather and paper from boards, etc The Retractaway is a versatile metal cutting tool produced with designers, graphic artists and model makers in mind a simple and easy to use device
Scissors Spare Paring Machine Blades Stanley Spokeshave & Spare Blade
Spare Paring Machine Blades
Our Price: £3.15 (3.78 inc VAT)

High quality Stainless Steel Scissors For the Brockman, P&S and Scharf-Fix Paring Machine. No.151 Cast Iron Spokeshave
Surgical Scalpel Handle & Blades
High quality Sheffield carbon steel handles and blades, recommended for graphic and craft use