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An exciting and interesting selection of e-tutorials (PDF files) from Marcade Arts Press, available for you to purchase and download.
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How to Bind a Single Quire Codex How to Make a Photo Album with Slipcase
The design and pattern for this book is based on the 'Nag Hammadi' codices Hedi Kyle's Blizzard Binding is ideal for this little photo album with slipcase
How to Sew a Mediaeval Book, with Faux Parchment Covers How to Sew the Secret Belgian Binding
This is the second tutorial in the Mediaeval Series. It explains in detail how to sew a version of a parchment-covered book made in Estonia in 1539 This detailed tutorial shows how to sew this beautiful 'lie-flat' historical binding, an excellent choice for an artist's sketchbook or journal
How to Make a Leather Journal with Keith Smith's Coil Spring Sewing How to Make the Folded Fan Origami Book with Soft Cover
This inspirational tutorial demystifies working with leather, giving detailed instructions, templates and patterns for a very smart journal A straightforward tutorial giving step by step instructions for making this wonderful folded book, inspired by Hedi Kyle
How to Make the Teeny-Tiny Peek-a-Boo Book Pendant How to Make Hedi Kyle's Blizzard Book with Hard Cover and Ties
A lovely way to combine bookbinding and jewellery skills, this tutorial shows how to make a very tiny but real book with several methods of attaching it to a necklace chain This variation of the 'Blizzard' Binding makes a lovely photo album or memory book. It has a sturdy construction and the pages are removable. The book can be tied with ribbon or tape
Make a Painted Leather Journal with Mediaeval Sewing
Full instructions for making and painting a pocket-sized leather journal or notebook using 'Langstitch/Kettenstitch' Sewing