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Featured Products

Filmoplast 'P' Filmoplast 'P' Repair Tape

A pressure sensitive tape, suitable for virtually invisible text repairs

Glue Brush Glue Brushes

A Traditional Wooden Glue Brush

Stainless Steel Set-Square Stainless Steel Set Squares

with perfectly straight edges to cut against with a knife

Plough Plough

Designed for use with our cutting/laying press

Our Price: £119.85 (143.82 inc VAT)

Buff Library Calf Buff Library Calf

Limited Edition, Buff Library Calf

Our Price: £75.00 (90.00 inc VAT)
Analogue Thickness Gauge Analogue Thickness Gauge

Simple, quick and accurate analogue thickness gauge ideal for measuring leather and board.

Our Price: £18.50 (22.20 inc VAT)

Repair Linen Repair Linen

for conservation and repair

Our Price: £23.00 (27.60 inc VAT)

Chieftain Goat Chieftain Goat

Shrunken Grain, Semi-Aniline Finish

Grade II Price £146.00 (175.20 inc VAT)

Hard Grain Goat, Special Offer, non-standard Brown Hard Grain Goat, Special Offer, non-standard mid-Brown

Limited Edition, non-standard brown

Our Price: £34.00 (40.80 inc VAT)
French Paring Knife - Beech Handle French Style Paring Knife - Beech Handle

A 'French' Style paring knife with carbon steel blade and beech Handle

Our Price: £11.16 (13.39 inc VAT)

Backus Bookcloth Cleaner - 500ml tin Backus Bookcloth Cleaner - 500ml tin

A well-established and popular product for cleaning and reinvigorating cloth bound books.

Our Price: £26.00 (31.20 inc VAT)

Special Offer Vegetable Kips Special Offer Vegetable Kips

Limited Edition, Vegetable tanned Kips

Run Selection Price £55.00 (66.00 inc VAT)
Natural Calf Vellum Natural Calf Vellum

Natural coloured, full grain calfskin

Our Price: £195.00 (234.00 inc VAT)

Dyed Linen Thread Dyed Linen Thread

Lovely dyed linen threads for exposed sewing

Our Price: £3.08 (3.70 inc VAT)

Pentland Goat, Orange/Tan, Special Offer Pentland Goat, Orange/Tan, Special Offer

Limited Edition, Orange/Tan Pentland

Our Price: £50.00 (60.00 inc VAT)
Parch Marque (Parchment Effect) Paper Parch Marque

A parchment effect paper which is available in 3 shades

Our Price: £1.03 (1.24 inc VAT)
Buff Library Calf Crushed Alum Tawed Calf

Limited Edition, Crushed Alum Tawed Calf

Our Price: £150.00 (180.00 inc VAT)
Headbanding Silk Thread Genuine Silk Headbanding Thread

Beautiful silk threads for sewing headbands.

Our Price: £3.60 (4.32 inc VAT)



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