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Discounts are offered on quantity purchases of any one type of leather as follows:10% for 3-6 skins; 19% for 7-11 skins; 27% for 12-23 skins; 34% for 24-119 skins and 40% for 120+ skins. Please note that these discounts do not apply to Curragh Bagpipe Leather and Vegetable Tanned Sides, Un-dyed.

Screen Colours - As colour characteristics can vary across different devices and manufacturers the shade options shown in our shop, should be used for guidance purposes only.Sample cards for the different products we sell are available to purchase.Further information may be found here.
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Curragh Bagpipe Leather Curragh Bagpipe Leather

Durable goatskin for the production of bagpipe bags

Our Price: £93.10 (111.72 inc VAT)
Sheepskin Bagpipe Leather - 2nds Sheepskin Bagpipe Leather - Seconds

Traditional White Tanned sheepskin for bagpipe manufacture

Our Price: £47.00 (56.40 inc VAT)
Heavy Apron Sheepskins Heavy Apron Sheepskins

A Characterful Apron Leather

Our Price: £30.00 (36.00 inc VAT)
Rough (Reverse) Goat Rough Goat

Buffed reverse goat with a suede 'nap'

Grade II Price £91.00 (109.20 inc VAT)
Glacé Glacé Kid

Glacé Kid for small leathergoods

Our Price: £25.00 (30.00 inc VAT)

Bangladeshi Calfskin Necks - Processed Bangladeshi Calfskin Necks - Processed

A beautiful, silky soft leather for small leathergoods and hobby bookbinding

Our Price: £15.90 (19.08 inc VAT)
Rough (Reverse) Calf Rough Calf

Buffed reverse calf, with a soft, suede 'nap'

Our Price: £231.00 (277.20 inc VAT)
Archival Dyed Suede Repair Calfskins Archival Dyed Suede Repair Calfskins

Fine 'nap' calf for the repair of old sueded bindings

Our Price: £280.00 (336.00 inc VAT)

Bangladesh Vegetable Calf, Natural Bangladeshi Vegetable Calf, Natural

A cheaper alternative to our normal Faircalf

Our Price: £150.00 (180.00 inc VAT)
Jewel Pigskin Jewel Pigskin

Beautiful and traditional leather-goods leather, also suitable for bookbinding

Run Selection Price £35.00 (42.00 inc VAT)