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Siltex - Paper-lined Moiré Taffetta Pentland Goat, non-standard Dark Tan Special Offer Pearl Animal Glue
Siltex Moiré Taffetta
Our Price: £7.16 (8.59 inc VAT)

Plough Special Offer Vegetable Kips Antique Goat, non-standard Mid-Brown, Special Offer
Our Price: £115.60 (138.72 inc VAT)

Special Offer Vegetable Kips
Run Selection Price £55.00 (66.00 inc VAT)

Aura Metallic Buckram Chieftain Goat Hand Grained Goat, Special Offer,  mid-brown
Aura Metallic Buckram
Our Price: £9.34 (11.21 inc VAT)

Chieftain Goat
Grade II Price £140.00 (168.00 inc VAT)

Hand Grained Goat, col.2, mid-brown, Special Offer
Our Price: £30.00 (36.00 inc VAT)


Super Deal

Jewel Pigskin

Run Selection Price £35.00 (42.00 inc VAT)
Jewel Pigskin
Beautiful and traditional leather-goods leather, also suitable for bookbinding

New Products

Chamois Matt Buckram
Our Price: £9.34 (11.21 inc VAT)
Archival Map Support Cotton
Our Price: £7.20 (8.64 inc VAT)


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