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Professional Electric Finishing Stove Professional Electric Finishing Stove

Very hardwearing and is designed for continuous use over long periods

Our Price: £674.00 (808.80 inc VAT)

Buff Library Calf Crushed Alum Tawed Calf

Limited Edition

Special Offer Price £159.00 (190.80 inc VAT)
Pentland Goat Pentland Goat

Hand polished, two-tone finish, Nigerian-type grain

Grade II Price £154.00 (184.80 inc VAT)

Smoke Sponge Smoke Sponge

Versatile Smoke sponge for all kinds of cleaning applications

Our Price: £5.90 (7.08 inc VAT)

Glenleith Calf, Red-Kip Glenleith Calf, Red Kip

Limited Edition

Special Offer Price £80.00 (96.00 inc VAT)
Black Album Blocks Black Album Blocks

Supplied glued, lined and with headbands ready to bind.

Filmoplast 'R' Repair Tissue Filmoplast 'R' Repair Tissue

Heat activated adhesive tissue suitable for laminating weak and damaged paper

Siltex - Paper-lined Moiré Taffetta Siltex Moiré Taffetta

Moiré Taffetta paper-lined cloth

Our Price: £7.16 (8.59 inc VAT)

Japanese Drill Punch Japanese Drill Punch & Bits

Excellent for drilling through paper, leather, board, etc

Parch Marque (Parchment Effect) Paper Parch Marque

A parchment effect paper which is available in 3 shades

Our Price: £1.03 (1.24 inc VAT)

Hahnemühle Ingres Hahnemühle Ingres

Mould-made, slightly textured laid paper, wood and acid free with four deckle edges

Our Price: £2.70 (3.24 inc VAT)

Spring Dividers Spring Dividers

Superb quality, spring operated dividers

Wooden Paste Brushes Wooden Paste Brushes

A superior quality wooden handled paste brush

Brass Folder Brass Folder

An ideal tool for scoring, marking and working with inlays and onlays

Our Price: £52.20 (62.64 inc VAT)

Glue Dispenser with Brush Glue Dispenser with Brush

Cleverly designed adhesive and glue container

Gold Leaf Knife Gold Leaf Knife

Wooden Handle - chrome plated blade

Our Price: £32.15 (38.58 inc VAT)

Stainless Steel Set-Square Stainless Steel Set Squares

with perfectly straight edges to cut against with a knife



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