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Backing Hammer Backing Hammer

No.2 - 14oz (450g) with hickory shaft

Our Price: £46.80 (56.16 inc VAT)

Band Nippers - French Style Band Nippers - French Style

Stainless Steel

Our Price: £116.00 (139.20 inc VAT)

Bone Folders Bone Folders

Genuine cow bone folders are available in several shapes and sizes

Brass Folder Brass Folder

An ideal tool for scoring, marking and working with inlays and onlays

Our Price: £52.20 (62.64 inc VAT)

Polishing Iron - Cylindrical Polishing Iron - Cylindrical

A traditional Cylindrical Polishing Iron.

Our Price: £188.74 (226.49 inc VAT)
Polishing Irons Polishing Irons

Traditional gun-metal irons

Spatula Lifting Tool Spatula Lifting Tool

Teflon coated lifting, slitting and separating tool

Our Price: £7.50 (9.00 inc VAT)

Teflon Folders - Tapered End Teflon Folders - Tapered End

They will not mark, burnish or damage delicate paper, cloth and leather

Teflon Moulding & Burnishing Tool Teflon Moulding & Burnishing Tool

An ideal tool for moulding leather and for use with papers which could be damaged with standard bone folders

Our Price: £10.00 (12.00 inc VAT)

Tweezers Tweezers

Needle sharp with flat points tweezers

Our Price: £6.93 (8.32 inc VAT)