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Backing Hammer Backing Hammer

No.2 - 14oz (450g) with hickory shaft

Our Price: £54.00 (64.80 inc VAT)

Hammer Backing Hammer

Used - 2nd Hand

Our Price: £32.00 (38.40 inc VAT)
Band Nippers - French Style Band Nippers - French Style

Stainless Steel

Our Price: £116.00 (139.20 inc VAT)

Bone Folders Bone Folders

Genuine cow bone folders are available in several shapes and sizes

Decorative Hand Tool Hand Tool - Polishing Iron

Used - 2nd Hand

Our Price: £50.00 (60.00 inc VAT)
Polishing Iron - Cylindrical Polishing Iron - Cylindrical

A traditional Cylindrical Polishing Iron.

Our Price: £188.74 (226.49 inc VAT)
Polishing Irons Polishing Irons

Traditional gun-metal irons

Spatula Lifting Tool Spatula Lifting Tool

Teflon coated lifting, slitting and separating tool

Our Price: £7.50 (9.00 inc VAT)

Teflon Folders - Tapered End Teflon Folders - Tapered End

They will not mark, burnish or damage delicate paper, cloth and leather

Teflon Moulding & Burnishing Tool Teflon Moulding & Burnishing Tool

An ideal tool for moulding leather and for use with papers which could be damaged with standard bone folders

Our Price: £10.00 (12.00 inc VAT)

Tweezers Tweezers

Needle sharp with flat points tweezers

Our Price: £6.93 (8.32 inc VAT)