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Italian Marble Paper English Marble Paper A.M. Spanish Ripple and Tigers Eye
Italian Marble Paper
Our Price: 12.24 (14.69 inc VAT)

English Marble Paper
Our Price: 11.31 (13.57 inc VAT)

J.L. Spanish Ripple & Tigers Eye Marble
Our Price: 9.91 (11.89 inc VAT)
This stunning range of hand marbled, beeswax finished papers is available in a selection of 9 traditional designs. This range covers such classic marble styles as Nonpareil, Turkish, Stormont, French Shell, French Curl, Börjeson, Antique Spot, Gloster, Old Dutch Modern, Modern Spot and Bouquet There are 10 colours in total in this range
JHS Machine Assisted Marble Paper Spanish Printed Marble Paper
JHS Machine Assisted Marble Paper
Our Price: 3.63 (4.36 inc VAT)

Spanish Printed Marble Paper
Our Price: 1.31 (1.57 inc VAT)
This range of papers now consists of 38 designs, manufactured using a mixture of hand and machine techniques These printed papers are now available in 3 colours