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Cowley's Vellum and Parchments are made by traditional hand processes. Each skin is the responsibility of one parchment maker throughout the manufacturing process. Skins vary in shade and markings from skin to skin and within each skin. 'Natural' Vellums vary considerably more varied than creamy and classic Vellums. Vellum is another name for Parchment that is made from Calf and Goat skins.

Skin sizes vary and the prices quoted in our catalogue are based on average skins. If there are increases from the costs quoted to you online and actual costs, we will contact you with accurate costings prior to processing your order, requesting your confirmation that the prices are acceptable.
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Classic Calf Vellum Natural Calf Vellum Creamy Goat Vellum
Classic Calf Vellum
Our Price: £182.00 (218.40 inc VAT)
Natural Calf Vellum
Our Price: £182.00 (218.40 inc VAT)
Creamy Goat Vellum
Our Price: £136.00 (163.20 inc VAT)
Creamy coloured, full grain calfskin Natural coloured, full grain calfskin With a cloudy creamy grain that varies in intensity
Natural Goat Vellum Buffed Repair Parchment
Natural Goat Vellum
Our Price: £136.00 (163.20 inc VAT)

Buffed Repair Parchment
Our Price: £106.00 (127.20 inc VAT)
Unbleached surface that gives a honey/light brown colouring For the repair of manuscripts